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Teaching and learning informatization at the universities of physical culture

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Title Teaching and learning informatization at the universities of physical culture
Creator Filenko, L.
Ashanin, V.
Basenko, O.
Petrenko, Y.
Subject training
physical education
Description Problem Statement. The paper describes information technologies used for training students.
Approach. Computer-based training and supervisory systems improve the learning process. This research shows
that the quality of computer-based training programs designed for dealing with databases in physical education
and sports is insufficient.
Purpose. We introduce an algorithm of creating computer-based training and control programs. We have also
designed an computer-based training program – Sports & Physical Education Databases.
Results. The experiment involved 240 students (n = 240). We have conducted a corresponding survey and got a
10/12 estimate after assessing the computer-based training program. The peer review has showed that
respondents are equal of their opinions (ρ = 0.35; p > 0.05). Our computer-based program efficiency was tested
by statistical hypotheses; its positive effect was proven by the Student’s test – t = 3.12 on the back of the t=1.98
standard (p > 0.01).
Conclusion. We have analyzed the prospects of applying modern information tools in training and assessing
knowledge of physical culture students. We have also identified research and development tools used to create
information-based learning environments, as well as a wide range of computer training programs. This paper
substantiates theoretical principles of learning based on computer training technologies. We have designed a
computer-based training program for the Sports & Physical Education Databases Course that allows teaching
based on the information technology.
Date 2019-06-27T12:29:06Z
Type Article
Identifier Teaching and learning informatization at the universities of physical culture / L. Filenko, V. Ashanin, O. Basenko, Y. Petrenko, O.Tserkovna// Journal of Physical Education and Sport .-2017, - Vol.17, N4, P. 2454-2461
Language en
Publisher Journal of Physical Education and Sport